Working for Health - Voices from the Front Line

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Voices from the Front Line

Working for Health

This video demonstrates the success of the Working for Health project and the successful use of my video production ethos.

It also demonstrates what I can do, given only 4 days from commission to delivery!

Why video works

Video gives the viewer the opportunity to see things 'as they really are'. This video is titled 'Voices from the Front Line' and that's exactly what it is - the voices, and images, of the people who gained from the project and the people who were 'hands on' delivering the opportunities.

Is it communication or ego?

When you've created a project, and made it work effectively, are you brave enough to step back and 'hand over' the ownership to those who took part in the project - to let the 'Voices from the Front Line' deliver the proof of success - it's the only way to get the message to your audience, with integrity, honesty and believability.

Sheila, Vanda and Peter had that courage - bravo!

My client, Blackpool Council, believes in me and my video production ability

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