Sponsoring photography and video - a short guide to sponsorship

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Sponsorship and sponsoring involves a lot more than handing over cash to a favourite endeavour or a deserving cause - it's vital the project is right for, and will work for, the sponsor - resolve all potential problems that could arise, before they do, with friendliness and integrity. 

If you're looking for a sponsorship opportunity

You may have found the right place. I say may, because my sponsor and I must work as a team, we must know, and agree, who is responsible for what - the possible and potential outcomes. There's a whole lot of trust invested in sponsorship - on both sides.

Is sponsorship right for you?

Sponsorship should form part of your advertising campaign, your marketing strategy and your Public Relations presence. 

Sponsorship 'cross over' will energise all your other promotional media.

Sponsorship can be a powerful, targeted and remarkably cost effective vehicle for your message - with outstanding staying power - people don't forget good sponsorship projects.

Good sponsorship often involves some lateral thinking, consider all aspects.

Sponsorship is probably the most undervalued business tool available today.

Sponsorship can be a waste of time, money, effort and resources - watch out!

Why Sponsor?

To enter a new market segment.

To improve customer relations.

To improve your corporate image.

To demonstrate your products/services in use.

To enhance a simultaneous above-the-line media campaign.

To improve familiarity of your name.

To create goodwill sponsoring something of public (target audience) benefit.

To quickly establish a new outlet.

To support distributors.

To provide benefits for customers at reduced rates. i.e. I provide valuable art photography for sponsor's clients.

You want to offer hospitality for your clients at special events.

What to Sponsor?

Take a practical view - what can you afford.

Sponsor something relevant to your customers. i.e. you manufacture walking boots - sponsor a country walk DVD.

Never be a joint sponsor - you'll disappear in an unread list of names.

Target your audience only - not your personal taste - unless you're looking for some tax relief for your hobby.

If you're aiming at your own industry - make sure it's interesting to your trade press.

If you're aiming at the public - make sure it's interesting to the national/local press, TV and radio to get the full benefit.

Make sure you're promoting your business not just the event being sponsored.

Watch out!

Make sure it's part of your planned business communication strategy.

Set a budget and stick to it.

Make sure it hits your target audience, but watch out for offending others.

Be sure it's good value.

Do you prefer to deal direct or through an agency?

Make sure you get on with the organisers.

Amateurs often take criticism personally and sulk.

Make sure the project has firm management and cost control skills.

Make sure it's going to be achieved - their failure is your failure.

Again - watch out for amateurs with more faith than judgment.

Sponsorship Opportunities

I can create a new project for you within the photography or DVD area, targeted to reach your particular audience and at a budget to merit the outcome. A sponsorship deal with a tangible return - often including a full or partial refund of your sponsorship investment. All net income deriving from the sponsorship project, such as DVD or Photographic sales, are repaid to you, the sponsor, up to a full refund of all sponsorship fees.

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