Robert Craven: The Invincibles Lounge, Preston North End FC

Why BRX?

Robert's track record at helping businesses is very impressive.

You hold the key to your business success or failure. Robert Craven tells you how to thrive in a recession.

"Your business is your responsibility" are the key words from Robert Craven.

If business owners don't want to face the responsibility and blame others - they'll fail.

Business Scene - Whether you are searching for networking opportunities or any kind of business event, we can help!

Become a member and be listed in your local directory with full contact details and links to your website!

Access articles, downloads and plenty of other useful resources to help you stay ahead!

Business-Scene - find out what is going on for small businesses in your area.

BRX creates new business.

So, come and take a look at BRX - see if it'll work for you - the same way it's working for so many other businesses.

Your only obligation - to pay for your breakfast. You can even make a second visit before you join us if you're still not sure

Contact Ed Nash to find out where and when your nearest and most suitable meeting is held.

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