I'm not just a guy doing a job - my work is my passion

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Alan Howarth: My rate card

I love it when you come to this page, it means - you've looked over my site - you like my work - you think I'm the guy for your project - now you're wondering: How much will it cost?

However, if you came to this page first, and cost was your first consideration - STOP - go and look at my site, check my work is right for you and your project and DON'T come back to this page unless you feel I am the right man for the job.

In the overall scheme of things cost is a minor factor - getting the right product should be your major issue.

Consider these factors:

The rates outlined below, apart from my portrait fees, are only a rough guide to the cost of your project..

If you've no previous experience of commissioning work, how do you know the length of time a project will take to complete?

Is cost really the driving factor in your decision? Or is it the way the project is completed that's important? You obviously like my style, or you wouldn't be on this page of my site, so don't go eleswhere because it's going to coast a few pounds more than you expected to pay - or because you expected to pay more!

In the past I've lost work, because I've been judged as too cheap as often as I've been judged too expensive - forget my hourly/daily rate - call me - let's talk - you'll see that my rates are fair and reasonable. (If you'd feel happier spending more than my final quote, no problem, I'll add it to the invoice.)

A thorough professional with wide experience

That's how I would describe myself. I've spent as much time developing my art/craft as any solicitor or accountant has in learning theirs. So this is the level of importance to your business that I pitch my services.

Though I'm based in the North-West about half of my work is done within the M25.

It's the cost:quality equation - My work is good - My costs are lower - I'm reliable - I deliver - My work is my passion - You get much more than a 'guy doing just another job'. I expect the same commitment from my client's too.

Of course market forces are important, too - it seems I have it about right.

per day
half day
( excluding Portrait Photography)
Video Production
*A minimum fee from £120 - £180 may be charged - subject to location

Corporate Portrait Photography

1-2 portraits £90 each*

3-5 portraits £80 each

6-8 portraits £75 each

9 or more portraits £70 each

*A minimum fee from £120 - £180 may be charged - subject to location

Available anywhere in the UK, and beyond.

No Travel Expenses (excl. overseas)
Expenses and Time will be charged between seperate locations.
Hire me for three consecutive days, or more - no accommodation expenses. (excl. overseas)
I can edit and output video to DVD and output images to disc on-site.

I'm very negotiable on long term & interesting projects.

People wildly over-estimate and under-estimate how much I can do in one day, in equal measure. Talk to me about your project for more accurate costing.

Is promoting your business worth more than servicing your car?

A survey in August 2006 revealed that within the M25 servicing your car costs up to £170 per hour with average around £120 per hour - outside the M25 rates dropped to around £80 per hour. Prices have risen since then. If you don't think this makes what I can do for your business extremely good value, please, let's not waste each others time.

Your Photography, Video Production & Writing
- I'll make it problem free


07947 67 31 67

You'll always get 100% of my effort, passion and commitment

Just pick up your phone and call me now

07947 67 31 67

You'll find I'm a friendly guy and easy to work with

C'mon, call me

07947 67 31 67

OK then, Email Me!

or maybe you'd like to

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My London Crash-Pad

No Overnight fees

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and still
No Travel Expenses
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Alan Howarth - happy working freelance on the Web & in the Real World

Alan Howarth: Corporate Photographer, Corporate Video Producer and Corporate Writer based near Blackpool, Preston & Lancaster, Lancashire in the North West of the UK, I frequently work in Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham and I spend 50% of my time working in London. within the M25, I travel throughout the UK and often work in mainland Europe, with work published throughout the world. As a corporate photographer my portrait images will enhance your marketing and your business, my video production skills can enhance your video email marketing campaigns. Email me know. I'll go anywhere - except war zones.

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