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Property in Northern Cyprus - was a communication challenge. Few buyers had visited Northern Cyprus so as well as selling property off-plan, as part of the brief, I had to sell Northern Cyprus too. The marketing company works on a referral sales technique - friends buying near friends introduced by friends - so on that level the DVD works extremely well - clients who buy are only too keen to show friends and family how wonderful Northern Cyprus is. This is a prime example of a DVD sales brochure working at it's best

Video Email - the perfect introduction to a DVD brochure

The web world has moves on at a pace - the DVD brochure has moved on from a primary sales tool to a referral sales tool. A better, more powerful approach to marketing is to use video email as a first contact video, folowed by a longer form piece on your website. However DVD brochures will make a strong contribution to sales for, especially on high value items.

This video is good example of a TV-style piece - it doesn't feel like an advert, it's more a 'Wish you were here' holiday style production.

It's the advertising cliche - don't sell the sausage, sell the sizzle - No one really wants another home - they want the joy of living in a great place.

Of course it was quite hard to show the properties as they weren't finished!

Northern Cyprus Property DVD

The problem in selling property in Northern Cyprus was getting people there. It's not like Spain, everyone's been to Spain, it was as important to show what the place itself is like. So I produced more of a travelogue than a hard sell DVD

Pace of the DVD

Taking a slower pace and a less forceful sales position made the DVD more watchable - the aim was for viewers watching the DVD several times to fall more and more in love with Northern Cyprus whereas a more forceful pitch would, with each subsequent viewing, frighten clients into feeling they were being 'sold' to.

Was it a success?

The property company were in profit within the first week, with three sales attributable directly to the DVD. And, for me, finding Kyrenia and North Cyprus was a success too. It's so beautiful I'm thinking of buying a place for myself.


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