Corporate Photography Project - Lamp Posts

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Lamp Post Project


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Corporate Photography Project by Alan Howarth

So, it's only photographing lamp posts. But, the location - it's the Olympic Gold of lamp post photography in the UK!
I'm proud that Shane at Metcraft liked my work and chose me.

Do you need an Olympic Gold Standard photographer for your business project?
Call 07947 67 31 67

lamp post on westminster bridge with view to houses of parliament, london. night
Lamp post refurbished by
Metcraft Lighting

three backet lamp post on westminster bridge, view to the london eye
Lighting by Metcraft

lamp post and fountain, albert square, manchester
Albert Sq Manchester

Corporate Photography Project by Alan Howarth

Just look at the images themselves. That's all you need to do.
Do my images engage you?
Did you look twice?
It's not easy to make a lamp post engaging!

Does your business need photography?
Call 07947 67 31 67

three branch lamp post in front of admiralty arch,london
Three Bracket Lamp Post
Admiralty Arch

lamp post and beach huts, brighton seafront
Lamp Post & Beach Huts

lamp posts and sentry outside horseguards, whitehall, london
Whithall, London

Street Lighting Photographs by Alan Howarth

Working with Metcraft was a great experience. Phil, the MD is so passionate about his lamp posts and his business - as are the rest of his team - he's demanding but a joy to work for.

Every business needs corporate photography
Call 07947 67 31 67

Choosing me as your
Business Photographer

Here's an idea.

Go to your search engine:select images - search lamp post - see what else is out there - how do my images compare?

Am I the photographer your business needs?
Call 07947 67 31 67

lamp post on westminster bridge with view to the london eye, night
Lamp Post and London Eye
Westminster Bridge

victorian lamp post with national gallery behind, trafalgar square, london
National Gallery, Trafalgar Sq

heritage lantern on whitehall with view to London eye
Whitehall with view to
London Eye

metcraft lamp post and wedding outside church, yorkshire
It's about the location and
association, not just the product


Corporate Photographer - Alan Howarth

Re: Image style and quality.
Look through this page
If you're not convinced by a few images a whole bunch more of them wont change your mind.

Is Alan Howarth the corporate photographer for your business?
Call 07947 67 31 67

lamp post outside 10 downing street, london
10 Downing Street


Corporate Brochure Photography

Your brochure is a sales document, but it can't sell if your potential client doesn't pick it up and look at it - engaging corporate photography will make them pick up your brochure

Am I the Brochure photographer for your business brochure?
Call 07947 67 31 67

three bracket green and gold lamp post on westminster bridge, big ben behind
Lamp Posts by Metcraft
Did you see them in the 1800's?
In Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes movie?

Architectural Photographer - Alan Howarth

Corporate photography's about relationships.
Has your photographer developed a good relationship with you and your company?
Do you feel they really care?
If they do - great, if you're unsure, then they probably don't!

If I don't care about you and your business I'll tell you, so we can both move on.

three bracket lamp post refurbished by metcraft lighting, the strand at trafalgar square, london
Lamp Post Detail, Liverpool
metcraft lamp post outside stone cottage with climbing plants in flower
The lamp post is by Metcraft
I think the flowers are Clematis
lamp post detail with nelson's column and red london bus behind
Lamp Post and London Icons
Red Bus and Nelson's Column

three bracket lamp post, westminster bridge, london. Refurbished by Metcraft
View from Westminster Bridge

Company Photographs - Alan Howarth

Your company's photography, here's another relationship thing.
Understanding your company?
Making all your images - work for your company?
Every image should be a sales document, at least it could be - with my photography.

Alan Howarth - the photographer for you and your company

lamp post and jogger on brighton promenade
Brighton Seafront

Corporate Photographs by Alan Howarth

There's a corporate photographers' saying:
"If you show a potential client a picture of a dog, they'll assume you can't photograph a cat."
But you're way too smart to be so unperceptive, aren't you!

Corporate photography - dogs or cats - lamp posts or anything - for your business!
Call 07947 67 31 67

victorian style lamp bracket by metcraft lighting
Victorian Style Lamp Bracket
by Metcraft Lighting in Oldham


Your Corporate Photographs
- I'll make them problem free


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You'll always get 100% of my effort, passion and commitment

Just pick up your phone and call me now

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You'll find I'm a friendly guy and easy to work with

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Alan Howarth - happy producing corporate photographs for the Web & for the Real World

Alan Howarth: Corporate photographer based near Blackpool, Preston & Lancaster, Lancashire in the North West of the UK, I frequently work in Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham and I spend 50% of my time working in London. within the M25, I travel throughout the UK and often work in mainland Europe, with work published throughout the world. As a corporate photographer my images will enhance your marketing and your business, my video production skills can enhance your video email marketing campaigns. Email me know. I'll go anywhere - except war zones.

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