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Corporate Event Photography

If you're organising a Corporate Event maybe I could show you a way for it to cost your organisation absolutely nothing!

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keynote speaker at a corporate event

The keynote speaker - they're professional, they understand it all.
Get in, get the shot, get out of the way

corporate event logo

I always capture an image, or two, of the event logo - useful for dropping in behind 'enhanced' images - and vital for press and public relations - and for internal documents

corporate event busy trade show stand

Trade stands at events need to be crowded and busy - only show empty stands if you're selling stands!

Corporate Event Photographer

Great photography that pays for itself in marketing

Is this what you want?
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corporate event speaker

If a speaker is expressing emotion and conviction, your event photographer should capture it

corporate event break out session

The serious work is often hidden away in break-out sessions

the company crew

The team from head office is a 'must have' image

Corporate Event Photography

Great photography that pays for itself in sales

Is this what you need?
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Business Event Photographer

Great event photography that pays for itself in PR

Is that what you'd like?
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corporate event fancy dress group

A carnival event is a great way to get everyone relaxed - introduce a competitive element - serious people make great fancy dressers - and great corporate event photography

corporate event chair in fancy dress

Make sure the event chair gets into the spirit of the affair

corporate event panel member answering question

When there's a disagreement among panel members it makes an interesting image - is your photographer alert?

corporate event awards

There's often awards at corporate events - given by celebrities
Claire Young - The Apprentice

Get the best from your
Corporate Event Photographer

Quick feet, quick eye, quick wit - and someone who enjoys working with people

Call 07947 67 31 67

corporate event buffet lunch, lats refuge of the vol-au-vent

Will your corporate event buffet bear witness to the world's last vol-au-vent ever?

Getting more from your Event Photography

Let me help you plan your photography - show you how to get the best from your images

Call Me Now
07947 67 31 67

 Skills for Justice

Sometimes guests speak on serious issues - they require a serious portrait to endorse their opinion.

corporate event networking

Men don't gossip, they share information about collegues, and it's called networking.

Smiles make great memories, great give-aways and bring delegates to your trade stand

Corporate Photographer - Alan Howarth

Thanks so much for your photography coverage at the AEA Conference! It was an extremely successful venture, very popular with our clients and the AEA - Hannah Lake, Electoral Reform Services

Alan Howarth - the photographer for your conference
call 07947 67 31 67

conference photography sleeping delegate

I'm sure this is the result of a late night committee meeting - and not the current speaker!

Corporate Photographs by Alan Howarth

There's a corporate photographers' saying:
"If you show a potential client a picture of a dog, they'll assume you can't photograph a cat."
But you're way too smart to be so unperceptive, aren't you?

Corporate photography - dogs or cats - event or conference - for you and your business!
Call 07947 67 31 67

group shot at corporate event

And the inveitable groups shot - it needs an organised photographer to take control if there's a lot of groups to photograph before a formal dinner

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Your Corporate Photographs
- I'll make them problem free


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You'll always get 100% of my effort, passion and commitment

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You'll find I'm a friendly guy and easy to work with

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Alan Howarth - happy producing corporate photographs for the Web & for the Real World

Alan Howarth: Corporate Event Photographer based near Blackpool, Preston & Lancaster, Lancashire in the North West of the UK, I frequently work in Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham and I spend 50% of my time working in London. within the M25, I travel throughout the UK and often work in mainland Europe, with work published throughout the world. As a corporate photographer my images will enhance your marketing and your business, my video production skills can enhance your video email marketing campaigns. Email me know. I'll go anywhere - except war zones.

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