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Artvertising or Fine Art Photography - a new direction for your marketing?

Artvertising - What is it? It's more than fine art photography, it's more than advertising - it's about using your product, your location, your clients, yourself or anything related to you and your company to create 'fine art photography'. Artvertising uses relevant, collectable, valuable images - with a built in subtle message - to reinforce your company's image and reputation

mercedes mcclaren rear spoiler

There's a fine line between art and advertising - we all cross it everyday - it becomes artvertising - the image of the Mercedes on the left - it's not purely representational - take it one step further and it's just a collage of shapes.

The chef on the right - soft edges - desaturated colour - it's photography, Jim, but not as we know it!

chef behind shelves

Artvertising - it's the natural progression

A little twist and a slight change of emphasis can turn your corporate photography into corporate fine art photography. Artvertising doesn't replace your usual corporate photography - it extends it. It's all about capturing abstracts

Create your business signature - the mental picture your customers form when they think of your business - don't leave it to pure chance.

Artvertising is the way to construct an easy-to-understand vision of what you and your business stand for, create your clients 'mental image' rather than leave it to pure chance. It's beyond a logo, it's beyond branding - it's artvertising.

Artvertising is a different concept so let's get together and talk it through.

Artvertising will convey how you and your business benefit your customers - in their business, their life - the difference your business, product or service makes to your customers life. Artvertising can capture abstract and subjective concepts as still images.

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Alan Howarth - happy producing artvertising and fine art photography for the Web & for the Real World

Alan Howarth: Artvertising & Fine Art photographer based near Blackpool, Preston & Lancaster, Lancashire in the North West of the UK, I frequently work in Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham and I spend 50% of my time working in London. within the M25, I travel throughout the UK and often work in mainland Europe, with work published throughout the world. As a corporate photographer my portrait images will enhance your marketing and your business, my video production skills can enhance your video email marketing campaigns. Email me know. I'll go anywhere - except war zones.

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