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18th March 2010

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Well, what a disappointing response to last week’s newsletter!

Only three replies, telling me what you, and your business does that makes you more than just ‘what you do’

Even more disappointing, that’s only three of you who took the opportunity to tell all the other newsletter readers about

the ‘hidden bonus’ of your business delivers . . .

the essence of your business personality . . .

the ‘added extra’ implicit in buying from you and your business . . .

It’s Your Brand Identity!

This newsletter has been banging on about how you can find and exploit ‘communication opportunities’ since it started!

Subscription has risen to over 1,000 businesses – and although not every subscriber reads every issue, but I know each issue is read by at least 350 subscribers.

350 potential clients you’ve missed the opportunity of talking to! (maybe even 1,000+)

Shame on you! Or is it shame on me for not making my message clear enough?

Anyway, here’s the ‘more than what we do’ replies I did receive:

Claire Nield, creator of Vimto’s ‘dad’s pants’ promotion, now runs a 1-2-1 marketing agency, she talks marketing sense for your business, whatever its size – talk to her if you need good advice!

Hi Alan,

Great newsletter (as ever).
What I do besides "what I do"?
Voluntary marketing counselling .... Rather than Alcoholics Anonymous, I operate a voluntary Marketing Problem's Anonymous bureau to listen to business owners’ deepest marketing fears and phobias...
Claire Nield
Coo Marketing
01772 322672

P.S. Have you signed up for your free marketing tips yet? Click  Here

Isabel Fernandez, a buyer with Armani – nuff said!

My job is more than picking clothes for a shop, it’s about deciphering an artistic direction; selecting a trend that men and women can identify with, are intrigued and moreover, excited by.
  This season the Armani collection went much shorter and much brighter - a far cry from its seasonal hues of 'greige' - we wanted to dare our clients, the choices we made told them its 'ok' to be adventurous, to try the silhouettes they would never have before picked up; simply by giving them no other options we bring out the clients inner ambition, their inner confidence.
  Buyers should be paid as life coaches - there is no better high than someone looking in the mirror, in something 100% out of their comfort zone and realising they look fabulous. To do this for a client means I've done my job properly!

Kevin Donnelly XPWebservices – a straight talking, no B S, SEO wizard

We speak in plain English, unlike lots of companies out there. No IT speak to baffle clients – simple information and advice. Our clients become friends and we achieve the results they desire without the worry and stress.

Thanks Guys – Now, here’s my sales bit!

I’m all about communication – on video – with photography – in words.

Communication is vital to your business

I can help you improve your communications with your current clients, your potential clients and most importantly, your ‘lost’ clients.

Perhaps a Newsletter Thingy like this would be a great start.

Call me now – let’s talk soon


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