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Newsletter 12 November 2009

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Today I’ll introduce you to Video Email Signatures – my bit of lateral thinking creates a NEW IDEA for your email.
A head full of ideas?
 Remember - you saw it here first!

What’s your idea of good value?

As an avid reader of business books, I sometimes wonder at most writer’s perception of good value.

Too much of business writing is padding – please, if you can give me the sense and meaning in a sentence or two don’t give me a flabby chapter of 5000’s words.

Good value business writing is maximum knowledge conveyed in minimum time – it’s nothing to do with number of words – size really doesn’t matter.

How many times have you started to read something then said to yourself, “I don’t have time to wade through this waffle?”

I recently read Brian Tracey’s Eat the Frog – 21 ideas to make you, and your business, more efficient and successful – I think he could have got the essence of the whole thing on one side of A4 or two at most.

First idea – Eat the Frog – start your day by tackling your most daunting task, after that it’s a breeze.

Second idea – make lists – plan your daily, weekly and monthly tasks/goals/targets and complete them. Always put your frogs top of your lists.

What works for business books carries through all business writing, from proposals through emails to Twitter. To get your business message across, and to have a chance of it actually being read, make it:




And, as a bonus, entertaining too.

Don’t ramble on.

With that, I’ll shut up, only first, here’s my business message: I’ve got to tell you about my new concept.

It’s the most exciting development since email stopped being ‘text only’ - and it’s only one sentence:

Video Email Signatures - attach a video testimonial to every email you send – now, how powerful do you think that could be?

How’s that for Short and Relevant? Press play and it’s Memorable and Entertaining too.

alan paula email signature


P.S. If you want a Video Email Signature – call me on 07947 67 31 67

PP.S. If you’d like me to include more ‘condensed’ chapters in future emails, let me know.

PPP.S. Please forward to anyone you think may be interested in this information.


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