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Newsletter 6 August 2009

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I was talking to a friend of mine, Geoff Wilman, on Tuesday evening.  He was talking about business cards and how, after 20 odd years as a printer, he still doesn’t understand why clients cut corners on something so vital to their business, and even more astounding, why clients so rarely use the reverse side.

It got me to thinking about all the marketing and profile boosting opportunities we miss, especially the ones that cost little or nothing.

Here’s a list of often missed chances:

1. Make sure your business card does you justice – cheap rubbish cards say cheap rubbish company! Use both sides of your business card.  It costs about 15% more to print both sides – here’s the way

Businesaa card Front and Back

2. Leave some white space on your business card so clients can make notes.

3. Create an email signature, and include your image, let people know who you are, and remember you too.

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4. When you send or deliver anything by post always include a brochure or flyer, why stick with a plain ‘with comps’ slip?

5. Include relevant links in your emails – your clients may want to know more – make life easy, don’t send them to Google. Maybe include a testimonial link too?

6. Include your Twitter or LinkedIn details – invite clients to join your network – everyone’s a social media addict nowadays. You're asking clients to join you and saying - let’s work together.

7. If you find some small piece of interesting, relevant information that could be useful to one of your clients – pop it in an email with a link and pass it on. It gives you chance to include all of the above.

So, that’s it for this week. Just remember, don’t be too pushy or ‘in your face’ with your message, let it flow in a natural chatty way. And always include links to anything you talk about.

The Sales Bit - there isn’t a sales bit this week, apart from the fact I’ve incorporated all the above in this email, maybe you’ll find time to visit my website, follow me on Twitter, or join me on LinkedIn. Or maybe you’d like to forward this to a friend or business acquaintance who may find it useful to subscribe to my newsletter

Just shows how easily you can make simple marketing opportunities. And maybe you should talk to your printer about upgrading your business card today.


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