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6 August 2009

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As my newsletters are always about marketing it’s understandable, I suppose, for you to think marketing’s what I do. I guess that’s why I got this email in response to  last week’s newsletter:

Alan, its always nice to hear from you, and it seems that you have diversified into marketing, I am grateful for the tit bits of info as when I am busy I do not find the time to consider the broader aspects of business.
Be happy to meet up for a coffee and talk over what you can do for me.

So why, if I’m a corporate photographer, video producer and writer, do I go on and on about marketing?

Well, because marketing’s important to your business. It’s important to you.

Because marketing’s about your business communications and when successful, as with Brian’s email above, it creates a business dialogue.

Because photography, video and writing enhance your business image, they’re at the heart of your marketing communications.

And because, if I kept banging on about corporate portraits, corporate video and video emails in my newsletters it wouldn’t always be relevant to you and your business and you’d lose interest.

Anyway, sad person that I am, I find marketing so fascinating I also count it as one of my hobbies along with photography, video, writing and getting high rankings on Google (I think of that as chess for the 21st century).

I also see my marketing knowledge and experience as an important part of being a business photographer and video producer – it’s the unique added value you get as a client when you hire me - at no extra cost!

I understand the difference between a photograph and a marketing photograph –and the value photography should bring to your business.

I know how to create emotion and desire in corporate video so that it becomes a solid sales tool, not an expensive indulgence (though nowadays my videos start at less than £500).

As my business card says:

  • Corporate Photography that Creates Business
  • Corporate Video Production that Communicates

Now, I know you’re desperate to know how you and your business can benefit from my skills and abilities.

It’s easy, just call me 07947 67 31 67 or email me - we can get together and spend half an hour or so chatting over a cup of coffee.

We can meet at your business, my office or anywhere else you choose. We’ll keep it informal. You can tell me about your business, what you want to achieve and where you want your business to be and I’ll tell you a bit about what I do.

A few days later I’ll report back with some suggestions on how I feel I can help you get where you want to be.

You can take all my advice, choose the parts you like or choose nothing at all.

It’s all free (apart from the coffee) with no problems, no obligation, no pressure – and I promise I won’t try to sell you anything.

However, if you choose to buy something, I’ll probably let you.

In fact, there is only one condition to this whole arrangement – don’t offer me a biscuit with the coffee - I’m trying to lose weight!

Call me now 07947 67 31 67 or email - Let’s talk. At the very least, it’ll help you clarify your position.


P.S. Next week’s newsletter? It’s about marketing.

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