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Newsletter 10 October 2009

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Why do some companies see photographic images as vital to their success, yet others see it as an uninspiring chore?

Who’s right and who’s wrong when it comes to buying photography?

Well, there was an interesting item on TV the other night, about politicians and PR. It said retention of information comes 87% from visual communication and 13% from written or spoken. And that’s a quote from the BBC, so I believe it.

So you must agree, from a business standpoint, using strong visuals and photographic images should be seen as an investment not a cost.

Would you like to discuss your business photography? As a corporate photographer, I’m better than good – and I’ve got a head full of ideas.

Consider my two most recent photographic jobs

  1. Corporate portraits and group portrait of the directors of Upper Street Events. They’re Islington based – part of the Business Design Centre group – they organise major exhibitions including the Country Living Show and the Gadget Show-Live.

Why did they choose me?


They liked the portrait images on my website, they felt I’d pick-up on the ethos of the company and produce the right style of portraits to enhance and extend their image.

Managing Director Paul Byrom said,

“Just what we wanted, in six years that’s the first good portrait anyone has ever taken of me, Alan they’re great, thanks.”

  1. Lamp posts – my client refurbishes and manufactures cast iron heritage lamp posts – they recently supplied or refurbished all the lamp posts on the Embankment, Westminster Bridge, Parliament Square, Whitehall , Trafalgar Square and the Strand.

On a world scale that’s as good as it get, it’s Olympic Gold - if you’re talking photographing lamp posts.

Why did they choose me?


I was recommended by a colleague, so they invited me to pitch for the work – against several other photographers. They liked the images I presented and my ideas of how to enhance their product.

Marketing and Operations manager Shane Lightfoot said,

“Thanks for your hard work and commitment to our company. The images are fantastic – you are now our official company photographer.”

So, despite getting older, for me, life’s still rock and roll on the road – in the past month me and my camera have been to London (twice), Liverpool, Manchester (twice), Leeds, Brighton, Wigan, Preston – and a flight to the Isle of Man.

C’mon, give me a call, let’s talk about your corporate photography – let’s talk about your client retention and recognition – let’s talk about how I can help your business.


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