Are you open to a new thoughts and ideas?

2 June 2010

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Are you open to a new thoughts and ideas?  

Following on from my previous newsletter – Cameron and Clegg could bite your bum! – I thought I’d try some ‘back to basics’ marketing.

Here’s how it works; remember?

  1. You find a company that needs what you do.
  1. You make sure the company has the ability to pay for what you do.
  1. You make sure you’ll enjoy doing the work.
    (optional for some - vital for me)
  1. You find the right contact.
  1. You send them an email outlining what you can do for them.
  1. You include some links to your website so they can get confirmation.
  1. You ask for a reply, or tell them you’ll phone, and when.

It’s just conventional research and contact, instead of sitting back waiting for the phone to ring.

As any meerkat would say “Simples!”

Last Wednesday I emailed my first ‘contact’.

A friendly, personal email saying – maybe you should rethink your photography – here’s why you should – please take 30 seconds each to look at four web pages – compare it to your current photography – I’ll call you on Friday, if I don’t hear from you.

And I added these links, all relevant to what the company does. (If you have time, please take a look and tell me what you think.)

Half an hour later I get a reply – sorry, no, I’m not interested.

OK, I thought, you can’t win them all, thanks for taking the time to reply.

However, when I looked at my website stats on Thursday morning I found she hadn’t looked at even one of the web pages.

This raises lots of marketing questions but, for me, the four prime ones are:

  1. If I say, “You can improve your business and I’ll show you how in 30 seconds.” Wouldn’t you check it out?
  1. Why would anyone with the good manners to email a reply, taking one minute, not take another 30 seconds to, potentially, improve their business?
  1. Is someone who accepts a poor quality product ever going to see the benefits of investing in a good quality product?
  1. Is it worth trying to create a conversation with someone who doesn’t already appear to value what you do? 

Just to let you know that since last week I’ve tasted success too.

I’m going to shoot some portraits of one of the world’s top rated web gurus - well, he charges 6,000 Euros a day for his time. I pointed out six problems with his website portrait, he looked at my site then emailed me saying, “You’re right - let’s do it!”

The whole process took about 20 minutes.

So, here’s something else you should consider when you’re thinking about your marketing:

  • Everyone isn’t the same, but most of your potential clients will look at your website as part of the buying process, usually before they meet you face to face.
  • It’s difficult to create ‘personality’ on a website without images.
  • My photography is about selling you and your product not just showing you and your product.
  • My photography creates a subconscious “Hmmm I like that” warmth about you and your product.
  • My photography creates the first emotional steps towards a sale – the buyer’s on your side – and that always beats matched price competition or a ‘hard sell’ – well usually!

Now, you may feel that’s psychobabble mumbo jumbo or you may feel you’d like to explore how powerful photography can be – either way – it’s your choice – it’s your business – and, potentially, your clients.

Hey, I just want to start a conversation about your photography – how about you?

Call me on 07947 67 31 67.



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