Your TV gives great marketing lessons

Newsletter 6 March

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Your TV gives you great lessons in marketing!

You’re sitting comfortably, watching TV but the programme isn’t ‘must see TV', if someone talks to you, the adverts come on, the phone rings, you’re distracted or your mind wanders you suddenly realise the TV’s still on and you’re looking at it but you’re Not Watching TV – it’s just switched on.

Marketing messages can be a bit like that sometimes.

If it’s all hard sell, all interruption, if it doesn’t grab and hold your interest – potential clients may be seeing the words but they’re not getting the message.
This is what bad marketing looks like:

  • Buy buy buy buy.
  • I’m the greatest widget maker in the world (and you don’t use widgets).
  • Here’s the history of my business, aren’t we great.
  • Me Me Me Me.

Back to your TV’s marketing lesson.

If you’re watching TV and it’s riveting stuff, something you really want to watch. If someone talks - you don’t hear. The phone rings – you let the machine get it. Nothing takes your eye, or your mind off the screen.

That’s what a makes a good marketing message – your potential clients read it but don’t feel they’re being sold to, because it’s information they want and need.

This is what good marketing looks like:

  • Here’s some useful information – it’ll help you improve your business.
  • This is how you solve a problem.
  • You can save money, make more money, save time, beat the recession. Here’s how.
  • Here’s something interesting, and relevant, have you thought about this?

After you’ve given your clients, and potential clients, this useful information, and you can help them achieve their goal, then they want you to ask them for the business - you’re not selling, they want to buy. In fact if you don’t ask for the business they’re frustrated and disappointed.

OK that’s this week’s ‘information-to-help-your-business’ bit - now here’s how I can help you.
Video Email Marketing will help you communicate with your clients and improve your business, here’s the proof.

Last week I launched this Robert Craven video email, according to Google Analytics, only 1.32% of viewers didn’t go on to look at a further webpage – they wanted more information.
robert craven link
I was amazed anything could be so successful!

But here’s something even more amazing - The BRX Video Email that I produced a couple of weeks earlier did even better, only 1.15% of visitors didn’t go on to view another page. How powerful would that be for your business?

brx networking video

Total hits for the two pages over seven days was 581.

Video Email will work for your business.

Now, because I’d hate to see you frustrated and disappointed, I’ll ask you for the business – Call me now (07947 67 31 67) and tell me you want a video email.


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