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Newsletter 5 February 2009

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Your website, is it successful?

If you think a website is a waste of time and money, it’s your fault not the web’s and you’re missing out on thousands of potential new clients.

Your site is your online shop window for your business. But just having a website isn’t the answer – if no one can find you site, or clients don’t bother to click the ‘BUY’ button.

To get the most out of your site you need a web strategy – and that’s a specialist job – I’ve just been talking to a guy called Chris Conboye - Chris is a web strategist – he provides a consultation service – and his advice is great value for money.

I first met him a year or so ago, he told me how to make my website work – now about 75% of my pages are on the first page of Google for the keywords that I want to be found for.

Recently I thought it was time for an update – the web world can change massively in 12 months – so Chris called in to review my web strategy again.

So this brings me to this week’s thought: Why is it that most people will pay an accountant – generally to avoid paying more tax than they need to - but won’t invest in advice that’s going to make their business really grow, by increasing turnover, marketing or profitability - which seems a far more logical investment?

The biggest problem your business faces is not what you know – it’s the things you don’t know you don’t know – opportunities you’ll miss because you only know about what you’re doing already - that’s where a good consultant can prove their value.

The best thing about a consultant is they’re not trying to sell you anything, you’re buying their knowledge. If it’s a ‘free’ consultation – they’re going to try and sell you something – there is no free lunch!

Following on from this I’ve decided to offer a consultation service for your photography and video production  – give me a call, I’ll spend an hour, or longer, with you and tell you how to use photography and video to promote and grow your business. Call me 07947 67 31 67, I’m available for consultations at £50 per hour. . . then if you decide to buy, we can do a deal on my hourly rate.


P.S.  Chris’s recommendations for my website will be introduced over the next few weeks - if you’d like to know what Chris suggested to improve my web strategy just send email me.

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