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News and Ideas that I hope will help you get more from your business and much more from your corporate video and corporate photography.

17th June 2010

Kev’s a donut aficionado – he can distinguish between all the supermarket brands, and he analyses his donuts for flavour of filling, dough consistency and sugar coating. (more)

10th June 2010

What do your clients think of you? Do they like you? What do you think of your clients? Do you like them? Is it important? (more)

2nd June 2010

Are you open to a new thoughts and ideas? Following on from my previous newsletter – Cameron and Clegg could bite your bum! – I thought I’d try some ‘back to basics’ marketing. (more)

20th May 2010

So, our new government’s making plans and announcements. How do you think it’s going to affect you, and your business? (more)

25th March 2010

I went to a seminar yesterday; the keynote speaker was Scott Milligan from the Disneyland University. (more)

18th March 2010

Well, what a disappointing response to last week’s newsletter!

Only three replies, telling me what you, and your business does that makes you more than just ‘what you do’ (more)

11th March 2010

What do you do for your clients, besides what you do? (more)

26th November 2009

Here’s another short, no-nonsense newsletter from Alan Howarth – and a bit more Eat the Frog. (more)

12th November 2009

What's your idea of good value?

As an avid reader of business books, I sometimes wonder at most writer’s perception of good value. (more)

5th November 2009

I was at a business event yesterday and bumped into this guy who says “Hello, don’t I know you?”

Well, we did that identity dance thing, you know - Do you? Didn’t you? Were you? Weren’t you? Have you? Don’t you???? more

15th October 2009

Why do some companies see photographic images as vital to their success, yet others see it as an uninspiring chore? more

13th August 2009

As my newsletters are always about marketing it’s understandable, I suppose, for you to think marketing’s what I do. I guess that’s why I got this email in response to last week’s newsletter: more

6th August 2009

I was talking to a friend of mine, Geoff Wilman, on Tuesday evening.  He was talking about business cards and how, after 20 odd years as a printer, he still doesn’t understand why clients cut corners on something so vital to their business, and even more astounding, why clients so rarely use the reverse side.(more)

30th July 2009

Your future security, and the future security of your business, revolves around your ability to attract new clients and customers. (more)

23rd July 2009

Let’s talk about clients - your clients, my clients, but more importantly, new clients.

Every business seems to need a constant supply of new clients.

Don’t you wonder sometimes? Where do they go? Why do they leave? (more)

17th July 2009

Three million unemployed by Christmas!  – It’s bad news and it’s affecting your business, even if you’re doing well and your business is still growing.

Rising unemployment is a real issue for everyone, especially for your staff, they’re worried - are they still going to be in work next month, or even next week? (more)

5th July 2009

I hate to let people down, I’m fanatical about delivery and deadlines, I guess most business people are.

But sometimes I don’t have the same dedication and tenacity when I need to do something for my own business – I often miss my personal deadlines, for instance: I’ve been meaning to create a new webpage for a couple of weeks now and it’s still not finished! (more)

17th April 2009

Your website, is it successful?

If you think a website is a waste of time and money, it’s your fault not the web’s and you’re missing out on thousands of potential new clients. (more)

3rd April 2009

Small Business is as much about branding as any major Plc.

You may ask, what exactly is branding and what does it mean to you and your clients?(more)

20th March 2009

As an older geezer I like the concept of lifelong learning, I try to keep my finger on the pulse – though sometimes it’s just checking I’ve still got one. (more)

13th March 2009

I was in London again yesterday producing corporate portraits for ten barristers and while travelling home I started thinking about what was bought and sold.(more)

6th March 2009

Your TV gives you great lessons in marketing! (more)

26th February 2009

It’s always interesting to find out why your clients choose your business to work with.

Last week I was working in London, a couple of corporate portraits and a conference about web video. (more)

19th Febraury 2009

I filmed a powerful presentation by Business Guru Robert Craven last week - How to survive the Credit Crunch. It was an eye opener!(more)

12th February 2009

I was listening to a webcast on Tuesday: How to make your website more effective.

The experts were unanimous in saying: Have well presented, good content that informs rather than does a ‘hard sell’. (more)

5th February 2009

Recession. It’s no longer just bad news, it’s an ‘in your face’ reality, so how do you emerge with a stronger more successful business?(more)

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